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damn these electric sex pants!

Pre-season results, round 4

So the Western Bulldogs have their first premiership in 40 years, even if it is only a pre-season one. It looks like Barry Hall still has a great deal of footy left in him after all ;)

This week's winner is __flatline__ with seven tips correct! Sadly this was not quite enough to overtake esuzumy, who tipped six (along with hnpcc and kingarthurscott) despite loyally and unsuccessfully tipping St Kilda to win, and who is our overall winner with 22 big tips and no bonus points.

1. (1)     esuzumy            22 (6)
2. (2)     __flatline__       21 (7)
3. (2)     hnpcc              20 (6)
4. (2)     becofoz            19 (5)
5. (2)     bigbrain61         17 (3)
5. (6)     calenturian        17 (4)
5. (7)     kingarthurscott    17 (6)
8. (8)     blackember          7 (0)
9. (9)     albinocreampuf      6 (0)
10. (10)   wewerealmost        3 (0)
11. (11)   gumbuoy             1 (0)

So congratulations to esuzumy and all you Bulldogs supporters out there whose names I don't know, commiserations to the St Kilda supporters, and a big thank you to everyone who tipped!

Now, who's up for the regular season? And has anyone used a tipping site other than OzTips? Their new interface is really annoying.
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ah.... i just missed out the top 6
Oztips has changed??? I didn't even notice!

apparently u win free burgers if you pick 8 in a week
I like burgers. I'm in.
Up for regular season, still surprised at coming third.

Can't remember which interfaces work comps are using, will check.
I'm up for regular season. I think we're using footytips.com.au at work but this will be the first time so I'm not sure how user friendly it is.
Oooh, whoa! Awesome! (: Grats to all! And I'm actually rather fond of Barry Hall in the WBD lineup now, gosh!

Definitely up for the regular season!