damn these electric sex pants! (calenturian) wrote in aussierules,
damn these electric sex pants!

Finals tipping

Edit: False alarm, sorry, we can tip finals after all. I swear tipping finished at round 22 when I checked last night!

Comments are no longer screened (except the ones where people have already entered tips).

Hopefully this isn't an omen for my team's performance :)


It doesn't look like footytips will let us tip finals, and quite frankly I reckon that's just not on. So we'll have to go back to the old-school method.

Friday, September 3

Geelong vs St Kilda, MCG, 7:45pm

Saturday, September 4

Fremantle vs Hawthorn, Subiaco, 3:20pm
Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs, MCG, 7:20pm

Sunday, September 5

Sydney vs Carlton, ANZ Stadium, 2:40pm

Comments are screened and I'll do my best to post the results on Monday. And let me know who you are on footytips so I know who to credit!
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