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Grand Final 2010

This is how I feel right now. What an brilliant day. Well done Collingwood, and well done St Kilda, an amazing side who were incredibly unlucky to not walk away victors last week.

But my good it feels amazing to be wearing the black and white today.
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BYE!!!! :D

Deleted comment

It's been a bloody good weekend!!!!!
I have to admit I found the match kind of boring - I was really hoping for another draw!
I knew it would be a flogging one way or another and of course I'm extremely pleased it went my team's way :D Draws are bad for the heart!

I went to sleep. Literally lol.

It wasn't a grand final standard match, that's for sure.
After the feeling of last week, the utter shock and suspense and pain, I was so happy for a massive win with zero fear of losing everything. Must have been horrible for the Saints, but at least I didn't cry this week!!!!!
You beat me to it! :D

That picture describes what most of us Collingwood supporters are feeling right now. Absolutely awesome!!!! (Except the hayfever has flared and I feel slightly crappy but it's not taking away the joy :D)

Michael Malthouse deserved the win after ten years of effort.
I didn't get too emotional until I saw Mick was down on the bench at the end of the 4th quarter, and I started to lose it a little. God, he's worked so hard, and the fact that he just got up there and declared his love for his beautiful team, ugh, it gets me every time.

What an amazing time to be a Collingwood supporter!!!!!!!

I am the most unfortunate Collingwood supporter ever though, as I had weddings last week AND this week! TERRIBLE! Last week I saw the second half but this time I only saw the first quarter and then got 10 minute updates after that!!

What an amazing win. I am ridiculously excited, and can't wait to watch the game tomorrow :)
I really want to get the DVD so I can relive all of it. The whole thing was a thing of beauty. Our boys are just SO GOOD!!