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It's another poll

What an awesome game! I'm almost tempted to take it back about Hawthorn being robbed. Full credit to both teams and a very special nod to Chris Scott. (And I'm embarrassed to have forgotten big ups to Mick Malthouse, a complete legend and one of my very favourite non-Sydney coaches.)

But, as usual, the pre-game entertainment left me somewhat baffled, and not just because of the lack of Auskick kiddies. However, this year I have access to the internet, so I can ask you all:

Poll #1783110 Pre-match entertainment

Meat Loaf was...

just old

What was with the hot dogs at the end?

I have no idea
I have an idea, and will explain it in comments

Favourite Meat Loaf song?

I Would Do Anything For A Game (But I Won't Do That)
Paradise By The MCG Floodlights
Like A Ball Out On The Full (I'll Be Gone When The Whistle Blows)
You Took The Ball Right Out Of My Hands (It Must Have Been While You Were Tackling Me)
2.3 Ain't Bad (*)

Should Brett Kirk have come out of the top of the big cup?


I kicked one (I kicked one)
I kicked two (I kicked two)
The next few shots I had chewy on my boot
But don't be sad (don't be sad 'cause)
Two goals three ain't bad
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I think I've finally stopped shaking.

Meatloaf was absolutely awful and what the hell did Vanessa Amorosi do to the end of the national anthem?
I nearly put a question in for Amorosi! I think the nicest thing I can say is, at least she hit the high note at the end :)
I only saw the news highlights - what the hell was her hair doing?!
I think we ALL asked that question. She was perfect and then that last line was straight out of a movie where the singer was the Director's Sister! (I'm Gonna Git You Sucka - classic spoof movie before they became lame)
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I don't believe you enjoyed my post one bit! If you really did enjoy my post you might have at least made an attempt to tell me what was up with the hot dogs.

Fun fact: it is very hard to kick a football in a dress.